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Designer Shades of Purple Acrylic Bead Torsade Necklace | Bead Necklace A70

Designer Shades of Purple Acrylic Bead Torsade Necklace

Price: $24.99
  • Description: A popular Designer created this 2 strand Green-toned Necklace that can be twisted into a Torsade Choker. "Torsade" is the French word for "twist" and this type of design can be traced back to Egyptian times.

  • Each strand of Beads measures 44" long and can be separated, so the ways to wear this piece are many - each strand alone, long or doubled; loose together, long or doubled, and finally twisted with the Torsade Clip (included) alone or together. The Shades of Purple Strand of translucent and faceted Beads has companion Beads in a darker Blue. The other Strand contains colors of Olive Green, Amber Brown, Lilac and Clear. Combined, they make a beautiful creation!

  • You can wear both strands Torsade-style by twisting them loosely or tighter for a Choker fit. The 14kt Yellow Gold electroplated Bead Clip comes with this piece and the official Designer logo is inside the Clip.

  • Item: Necklace
  • Length: 44" for both
  • Width: 5/16" - largest Beadsi; 1/4" smaller and 1/8" smallest
  • Clasp: None - Slip-on
  • Clip Finish: Highly Polished 14kt Yellow Gold Electroplate
  • Beads: Faceted Acrylic
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