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44 C959

44" Orange Czech Glass Bead Necklace w/ Iridescent Pink Blue Yellow

Price: $17.99

  • Item: Pendant
  • Strand: 44"L x 1/4"W
  • Beads: Faceted Glass, 6mm and 3mm
  • Clasp: Slip-On
  • Finish: Iridescent

  • Other Information: There's a long tradition of glass-making in Czechoslovakia, and they have a reputation for making very fine glass beads. Any glass maker can use the same techniques, but that doesn't make it Czech glass!

  • These gorgeous translucent Beads are made of famous Czech Glass and have a spectacular Orange color. The larger 6mm Bead has a smaller 3mm Spacer Bead on each side and all the Beads have an Iridescent finish which adds colors of Pink, Blue and Yellow to the design. Each 6mm Bead is faceted on all sides to catch the light beautifully!

  • Since this Strand of Glass Beads is 44" long, you may wear it long, wrap it around once or twice, or twist it into a Toursade for a thicker, shorter Necklace. You may also combine it with your other long Strands to create a more colorful and thicker Toursade. The Beads have been strung on a braided White Silk Cord for extra strength. You'll have them in your jewelry wardrobe for many years to come!
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