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44 C961

44" Czech 6mm Glass Bead Necklace w/ Green Orange Amber Tones

Price: $17.99

  • Item: Pendant
  • Strand: 44"L x 1/4"W
  • Beads: Glass, 6mm
  • Clasp: Slip-On

  • Other Information: There's a long tradition of glass-making in Czechoslovakia, and they have a reputation for making very fine glass beads. Any glass maker can use the same techniques, but that doesn't make it Czech glass!

  • These Beads are made of famous Czech Glass and have tones of Green, Orange, Amber and Smoke color. Each 6mm Bead is smooth, translucent and circular in shape.

  • Since this Strand of Glass Beads is 44" long, you may wear it long, wrap it around once or twice, or twist it into a Toursade for a thicker, shorter Necklace. You may also combine it with your other long Strands to create a more colorful and thicker Toursade. The Beads have been strung on a braided White Silk Cord for extra strength. You'll have them in your jewelry wardrobe for many years to come!
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