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14Kt Gold Hge Ancient Egyptian Black Onyx Scarab Earrings | Genuine Gemstone Earrings qvc289-BG4

14Kt Gold Hge Ancient Egyptian Black Onyx Scarab Earrings

Price: $9.99
TITLE>Genuine Ancient Egyptian Designer Scarab Earrings

A Breathtaking Designer Treasure!
You will be impressed by these sacred designer treasures! Featuring marvelous attention to detail, these traditional scarab jewels are part of a long series of scarab jewelry. Earrings come complete with special African-inspired stones, placed in a gorgeous 14 KT gold electroplated setting. Hypoallergenic posts for pierced ears. By far the most important amulet in ancient Egypt was the scarab, symbolically as sacred to the Egyptians as the cross is to Christians. In one form, scarabs were a cheap and common form of "charm" which everyone could afford and easily wear strung on a cord on their person. Most scarabs were made for the living. The small magical object was believed imbued with particular protective powers that warded off evil and provided good things for the owner for this life and also for the next, particularly when sewn to mummy wrappings. This was especially true when worn as a heart scarab or winged scarab to provide a safe journey into the Afterworld of the gods. Treat yourself or that special someone, these jewels make the perfect gift. If you are a fan of television shopping programs, you will surely recognize this highly-coveted recently retired collection. You will not find these designer goods anywhere but AMSCO. We are proud to provide the highest quality jewelry for the lowest prices on the market. Allow us to add a touch of class to your jewelry collection!

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